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2 Piece Necklace Pendant Set

2 Piece Necklace Pendant Set

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Stylish 2 Piece Necklace Pendant Set. This 2 piece Necklace and Pendant Set is a unique necklace set that comes with two platinum-plated pendants, one a rose pendant and the other a geometric rose cut out pattern pendant both on 45 cm water wave chains. The 2 piece necklace set can be worn together or you can wear one at a time, it's up to you. The necklace set makes a nice gift for family and friends, either given as a pair or as a friendship necklace keeping one pendant necklace and giving the other to a friend. The quality 2 piece necklace pendant set is sure to be a treasured part of your jewelry collection. 

Roses can represent both friendship and love. Typically red roses are a universal symbol that represents true love. Roses have appeared throughout history and across different cultures both as religious and political symbols. Yellow roses are been associated throughout history with the sun, which makes them great for cheering people up. Yellow roses are associated with appreciation and platonic love without the romantic subtext. White roses were an early tradition and symbol for true love. White roses are also known as the bridal rose, with the white rose being the traditional wedding flower. White roses are also associated with reverence and honor and are often used as a memorial for a departed loved one. 

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