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Spirit Magic

Acupressure Socks

Acupressure Socks

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The feet are amazing. Nerve-endings in the feet connect to all parts of your body & that, when stimulated (rubbed) can have soothing, nurturing and holistic-health benefits!

All of the Reflexology zones clearly identified. Perfect for anyone. (especially the recreational healer or student reflexologist) Liberate that energy flow. Promotes health. Can help to relief stress and anxiety, insomnia and more!

The printed map at the bottom of the socks depicts the organs that are connected to the pressure points of the foot. These socks promote increased blood circulation, relieve aches and pains, reduce stress and peaks your energy levels to get you going for the rest of the day.

Material: Stretch/Elasticity: Micro Elastic, Moderate Softness, Medium Thickness. Wash with the warm water below 30C and do not bleach.

Ancient humans knew about the healing benefits of walking barefoot on pebbles. Treat yourself with these acupressure foot massage socks.

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