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Amazonite Mala Bracelet With Siliver Charm

Amazonite Mala Bracelet With Siliver Charm

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Wear this beautiful mala bracelet and feel the soothing energy of Amazonite. Amazonite is a lovely blue-green gemstone that comes from Brazil, but not the Amazon which many would guess from its name. This stone is excellent for helping to relieve stress and anxiety, reminding you to take moments throughout the day to tune into yourself and have some calm and relaxation. It also helps to clear negative energy and is a feel-good stone that will help bring positivity into your life. 

Amazonite is connected with the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra so you can express your truth and your feelings easily. It's also related to Virgo and the emotional aspect of ourselves. Amazonite has been used throughout history; even the Egyptians made jewelry from it. It's always been thought to bring the wearer or holder luck, money and success. It's also an excellent stone for artists since it allows you to tap into your emotions to be able to express them through art. Wear this stone throughout the day and enjoy the incredible energy. Choose from the OM, Buddha, Tree of Life or Lotus charms in Silver, or get one of each to stack on your wrist for a statement piece. These would also make for great friendship bracelets and gifts for those you care about. 

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