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Amethyst, Aventruine or Fluorite Crystal Spray Bottle for Essential Oils

Amethyst, Aventruine or Fluorite Crystal Spray Bottle for Essential Oils

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Make your own Crystal-Infused water to use as body spray, room spray, face mist, yoga mat spray and more. Small crystals are included at the bottom of the glass bottle with a spray lid included. Choose from Amethyst, Fluorite or Green Aventurine or get one of each to make different sprays for different needs. Just add purified water and the crystal energy will naturally infuse into the water giving it the vibrations of the crystals. Add essential oils to the water to make it smell great and to add some more benefits to the mist. Lavender would pair nicely with Amethyst providing a very soothing and relaxing mist perfect for your bedroom or as a body mist. Eucalyptus would complement Green Aventurine well with a purifying and fresh aroma perfect for keeping your Yoga mat fresh and clean. For Fluorite a Clary Sage would be nice to add to the water to make a cleansing and balancing spray for your home or aura. 

Amethyst is a wonderful stone for balance on all levels, body mind and soul. It relaxes the mind and soothes the emotions which in turn helps the body to relax and unwind. It's also a great stone for dreaming and dream interpretation. Adding a few drops of Lavender essential oil would be perfect to spray on your pillow before bed with the Amethyst infused water. Green Aventurine is a stone of the Heart Chakra and is perfect for clearing and cleansing this chakra as well as any negative energy. It's a stone of unconditional love so it would also pair nicely with Rose or Geranium essential oil for a nice self-care body spray. Fluorite is a stone of cleansing, protection and renewal helping you keep your aura and energy clear and balanced, or your home, car, office and any other space. Adding Clary Sage to the water infused with Fluorite will make a clearing mist that will clear spaces and your aura when used as a body mist.  

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