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Spirit Magic

Bead and Charm Bracelet Set

Bead and Charm Bracelet Set

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Bead and Charm Bracelet Sets. These beautiful bead and charm bracelet sets are available in 20 different sets to include two to six bracelets that compliment one another.

Available in 20 different SET STYLES! Pick your favorite set(s)!

The bracelets range in size from approximately 16 to 18.5 cm and are either elastic, clasp or lace-up style bracelets in sets that can be worn separately or together. Each bracelet has a lovely look of its own, so beautiful you'll want more than one set as there are so many to choose. 

These bead and charm bracelets make the perfect gift for family and friends, and a gift that is sure to be treasured for years to come.

The bracelet sets can be worn for special occasions such as parties, birthdays, wedding, anniversaries or worn casually. An example of one bracelet set includes a grey and white beaded bracelet, a matching gold love charm bracelet, two moon charm bracelets, and one stone charm string bracelet.

These bead and charm bracelet sets are sure to be your new favorite piece of jewelry.

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