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Charm Solar System Bracelet

Charm Solar System Bracelet

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Wear the solar system on your wrist with a beautifully handcrafted bracelet including crystals representing each of the planets. Choose from different styles including the planetary crystals with lava stones, with purple and pink stones, and other stones. 

The crystals symbolizing each of the planets have their own energy and since they are representing the planets and look similar to the planets, they also carry the energy of each planet. So in combination, each crystal on the bracelet will work together to create harmony and balance. The bracelet with lava stones on it can also be used as a natural essential oil diffuser. Simply drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend on the stones and allow the essences to diffuse throughout the day providing relaxation and comfort. Wear this bracelet to feel more in tune with the Universe, planets and the galaxy we live in. 

The planets and the planetary crystal stones include: 

Sun - Carnelian: Motivation and Grounding

Mercury - Yellow Quartz: Communication and Positive Growth

Venus - Tigers Eye: Empowerment and Love

Earth- Aquamarine: Calm and Courage

Moon - Labradorite: Security and Soothing Emotions

Mars- Red Tigers Eye: Increased Energy and Stamina

Jupiter- Botswana Agate: Self-determination and Intention

Saturn - Picture Jasper: Creativity and Visualization

Uranus - Malachite: Introspection and Positive Change

Pluto - Lapis Lazuli: Transformation and Truth

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