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Crystal Quartz & Tumbled Gemstone Necklace

Crystal Quartz & Tumbled Gemstone Necklace

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Normally these sell for almost $100!


Your choice of quartz pendant, with citrine, aquamarine, rose quartz, amethyst or crystal quartz tumbled stone beads. These stunning gemstone necklaces are one of the most popular items that we have in our whole shop!

They are 80cm long (approx 31 inches).  Each one is HANDMADE. Each crystal quartz stone is cut, shaped and polished to perfect symmetry for energy channeling (similar to a vogel cut) (a tool used by energy healers)

Known as the master crystal, Clear Quartz is the most popular stone on Earth. A translucent or white stone with many incredible balancing properties. Also known as Clear Quartz, Quartz Crystal, Rock Crystal.

Physical Energy Properties: Clear quartz is a stone that really does it all. It invigorates and energizes the mind and body making you feel good in all regards. Great for ear infections, hearing, tinnitus and balance. It’s also fantastic for the spine and nervous system and those with Multiple Sclerosis. Also helps with blood sugar levels, so it’s great for those with diabetes and anemia. Clear quartz is also beneficial for any pain or discomfort anywhere in the body.

Choose your favorite gemstone for the necklace bead part for an EMPOWERED version. Quartz, is a well known amplifier, so when it's worn with citrine, it would help to amplify the properties of citrine (wealth, abundance) - when work with rose quartz, it would amplify love and romance... and so on!

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