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Cubic Zirconia and Rhinestone Heart Earrings

Cubic Zirconia and Rhinestone Heart Earrings

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Beautiful sparkling Cubic Zirconia and Rhinestone Heart Earrings. These drop earrings are a lovely one of a kind style that is sure to be a treasured part of your jewelry collection. The perfect earrings to wear to special occasions such as weddings, dinner, party, anniversary and more. The beautiful Cubic Zirconia are as beautiful as diamonds and only you will know the difference. The cubic zirconia sparkles and dazzles in the light and the heart earrings are available in 10 lovely colors to include gold with white, light blue, red, pink, green, champagne, white, royal blue, black and dark blue. The gold with white is the only option available with the gold, the other 9 colors are silver. The drop heart earrings are a nice size that feels comfortable on the ear at 1.9 cm in length and 1.1 cm wide. 

Cubic Zirconia is not a diamond but it looks just like a diamond and has many of the same diamond qualities. Many people, unless they have a special instrument or a trained eye, cannot tell the difference between cubic zirconias and diamonds. When compared to diamonds cubic zirconia are quite affordable. These CZ earrings are priced so affordably that you can buy yourself a pair in more than one color. Cubic zirconia is similar to diamonds with its brilliance and its crystal clarity without the large price tag. 

The excellent quality of these cubic zirconia and rhinestone heart earrings will make you feel special whenever you wear them. Cubic Zirconia is not a real gemstone and is not diamonds, although it is difficult for the naked eye to tell the difference between the two. Cubic Zirconia is a stone that is as beautiful as diamonds but at a much more affordable price. Cubic Zirconia is almost as hard as diamonds on the Mohs scale of hardness, with CZ being an 8.5 and diamonds a 10. 

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