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Spirit Magic

Geometric Drop Earrings

Geometric Drop Earrings

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These Geometric Drop Earrings are available in 29 different trendy designs that you will be sure to love. The unique geometric patterned drop earrings are made of acrylic with some designs having gold, silver and gemstone details. The geometric earring designs are a nice size that doesn't feel too heavy. The Geometric Drop Earrings can be worn every day casually or for special occasions and make a nice gift for family and friends. Wear these earrings to the office, weddings, parties, restaurants, nightclubs and more. With 29 different and unique designs some of which include flower designs, heart design, tassel design, leaf designs, and gemstone designs to name a few. 

With different earring styles to include drop earrings, stud earrings, and dangle earring designs. Drop earrings are a nice style that drops just below the earlobe a bit. These geometric drop earrings are nicely adorned with different details at the base of the earring for a unique and natural look. The simple geometric designs hang nicely on the ear without a lot of movement because the style comes right off the base. Priced so you can purchase more than one pair of drop earrings for your jewelry collection giving you the freedom to choose all of your favorite designs. 

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