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Phantom Quartz Pendant

Phantom Quartz Pendant

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Phantom Quartz is a crystal that occurs when the growth of the crystal is interrupted. The crystal then begins to grow again. Each mineral deposit appears like a ghost, or another crystal within the main crystal, showing the life story and evolution of the crystal. It symbolizes universal awareness, whose purpose is to stimulate the balancing of the planet and abilities in individuals.

Helps you to see the hidden answers, making it good for emotional cleansing and the inner self. Its balancing energies will give you clarity, inspiration, and strength. It will provide you with support and insight and help you stay grounded during high-pressure situations, and when you are experiencing chaotic energies around you.

Carry Phantom Quartz close to your body, in your pocket or inside your purse. Wear Phantom Quartz jewelry to keep its energies close to your chakras. Place a piece of the crystal in your home or office to help enhance the room's energies and to drive negative energies away.

Size:Length about 2 * 1.5cm / 0.79 * 0.59in


Each product is pure natural and unique, not exactly the same. There may be cracks in some products. They are naturally formed but not caused by the damages.

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