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Mini Ceramic Essential Oil Bottle Necklace

Mini Ceramic Essential Oil Bottle Necklace

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Bring your favourite essential oils on the go. Choose from different size and shaped essential oil bottle necklaces to store your essential oils in. The lightweight ceramic pendant is a tiny bottle with a cork stopper in it, attached to a long cotton cord. The cord will also match perfectly with the colour of the ceramic bottle and it has white beads on it for some additional style. The colours to choose from include a light pink and a light blue so choose the one that best suits your style or get both so you always have one that suits whichever outfit you're wearing.

To store your essential oils in the small bottle, just drop a few drops directly into the bottle, or add a carrier oil into the bottle and then add in the essential oils of your choice. For something calming try the carrier oil of your choice with a couple of drops of lavender and eucalyptus oils. For an uplifting scent, use the carrier oil of your choice and a drop of bergamot with lemon essential oil. For pain or headache relieve use a carrier oil with some peppermint oil and lavender. Try out your own favourite blends and store them in the bottle pendant to apply as needed on the go. That way you always have your essential oils with you ready to use.

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