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Spirit Magic

Moonlight Opalite Earrings

Moonlight Opalite Earrings

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Opal will help you discover your true potential and your purpose in life. It shows you how to identify your feelings, how to acknowledge and accept them. It’s also said to bring loyalty in the form of being loyal and attracting other loyal people.

Known to be helpful for those with Parkinson’s disease. It can also be great for better vision and eyes. Opal has also been said to help with memory and cognition. It can even be great for detoxification.

Also known as Peruvian Pink Opal, this stone is high in silica and tends to be a beautiful light or bright pink. It’s a type of chalcedony found in Peru and western Australia. Other names for this stone include Andean Opal and Angelskin Opal.

Wonderful for self-balancing and rebirth. Also great for calming and soothing yourself. Renews love and calls in awakening energies. Calms the mind and helps you focus. Relaxes the heart and mind so you can get a good night of rest and feel rejuvenated when you wake up.

Dimension: 29mmx12mm

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