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The Ultimate Crystal Healing Guide (Digital eBook)

The Ultimate Crystal Healing Guide (Digital eBook)

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IMPORTANT: this is a DIGITAL BOOK. (eBook).

At Spirit Magic, we feel that it's important to do our part to protect our beautiful environment. Digital books are a great way to get valuable information (INSTANTLY) whilst at the same time as save the trees from un-needed paper printing!

In this book, you will learn how To use crystals to heal the body and transform the spirit.

The reason why crystals and gemstones are wonderful and powerful healing tools are because of what science calls its piezoelectric effect.  (You can see this effect in the modern quartz watches).

Crystals and gemstones respond to the electricity that is coursing through our body, and if the energy is sluggish, the constant electrical vibrations of the stones will help to harmonize, balance, and stimulate these energies.

As you may know when any 'imbalances' exist within any chakra the results may have a profound effect upon either our physical or emotional bodies.

We are able to use our quartz crystals and gemstones to re-balance all of our chakric centers and once the chakra has been properly balanced then our body will gradually return to normal.


What is crystal healing all about?
The benefits of crystal healing.
What types of crystals are there?
Knowing the differences between minerals.
Using crystals to heal yourself and others

...and More!

Pages: 37
File Format: PDF

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