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Undying Gemstone Plant (Amethyst & Fluorite) Tree of Life

Undying Gemstone Plant (Amethyst & Fluorite) Tree of Life

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A stunning handmade copper wire wrapped Tree of Life with Amethyst crystals as the leaves and the base.  The branches of the tree are made from copper and each leaf on the tree is an Amethyst crystal. The branches extend down to create the roots that wrap around the base also made of Amethyst crystal. Copper acts as a conductor of energy and is the perfect metal to pair with crystals so that the energy from them can flow freely. The Tree of Life measures about 12 cm from the base to the top with the base measuring about 6 cm to 8 cm. The Tree of Life the connections between everything in the Universe. It's a symbol for the saying "As above, so below, as within, so without" which means that everything we see on earth is a reflection of the universe expressing itself and everything outside of us is a reflection of our inner experience. The Amethyst leaves and branches reach up into the heavens and the roots reach down into the Amethyst base which represents the earth connecting the universe and the earth. Reminding you that you are a part of everything in the universe and you are connected to all that is. 

Amethyst is a beautiful relaxing stone that tunes into your Third Eye Chakra and your intuitive abilities. Your intuition delivers messages to you as you need them to move you along your divine path in life. Amethyst also helps with dreaming and dream interpretation so keep this Amethyst Tree of Life by your bed if you want assistance with dreams. Amethyst brings a sense of well-being and also helps with anxiety and nervousness. Bring one of these trees into your home and buy matching trees for your family and friends to give as gifts. When you receive your Tree of Life you can gently bend the wires to arrange the branches to bring the tree to life in your space.

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