Crystal Quartz Meaning: The Master Healer, The Energy Amplifier

Crystal Quartz Meaning: The Master Healer, The Energy Amplifier

Clear quartz is one of the most abundant healing crystals on Earth and it can be found all over the world. This beautiful, clear stone is often referred to as the “master healer” because of its power and amazing energy. While it appears clear, you’ll also see white areas and even rainbow light in the clearest parts of the crystal. Used since ancient times for many purposes, quartz healing stones were even been used to build certain pyramids in Egypt and it has also been used in jewelry and divination tools. Some of the healing properties of clear quartz include its ability to amplify and intensify energy and intentions.

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So when you’re using clear quartz to heal or set intentions they could manifest quickly. You can also use this stunning crystal to protect yourself from toxic energy and it will even neutralize energy as well. We live in a world that’s full of technological devices but quartz is a great crystal to have around to neutralize the radiation we can absorb from these devices. Also, because it’s able to be programmed so easily, it’s also used in many electronic circuits, watches, cell phones and our computers. So you can put a piece of clear quartz near your phone as well as your computer or TV to neutralize some of the radiation. You can also carry some clear quartz with you as you go about your day to keep yourself balanced and clear. You can put it in your pocket or in a purse or bag you carry.

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The chemical makeup of quartz includes silicon dioxide which is also found in our bodies, and this is why people can feel connected to these crystals on a deep level. People often use clear quartz crystals in healing sessions as a way to amplify the healing work being done and to purify any toxic energy. Clear quartz can also amplify the energy of other crystals which will simply enhance their natural healing properties. To use the clear quartz crystal to amplify your other crystals in your crystal collection, put a piece of clear quartz near the other crystals and allow them to attune to each other's energy for at least an hour. Overnight usually works best. Since it’s a master healer, clear quartz can also balance all of the chakras. The chakras are the wheels of energy that represent our subtle energy centres. They have been referred to in the oldest text called the Vedas which originated in India between 1500 BC and 500 BC. Today, they are still referred to in spiritual practices like yoga and meditation and there are seven chakras in total in the body that govern our organs and our life force energy. The healing power of crystals can be used in correspondence to each of the chakras to open or balance the energy in each one. Clear quartz healing stones are wonderful for all chakras but especially for opening the crown chakra so we can perceive situations and intuitions with clarity. You can meditate with clear quartz healing stones just by holding one or more in your hands as you meditate or placing them on or around your body or under your bed or a chair. Putting them in your workspace will also help you concentrate and to have more creative ideas. Another great place to put them is on your bedside table so you can have the healing benefits reach you while you sleep. You can also program your healing crystals as well. To do this, hold your clear quartz crystal in your hands and focus your thoughts and intentions on what you want to be programmed into the crystal. So for example, if you’re focused on thoughts of love and peace, the vibrations of love and peace will be programed or downloaded into the crystal. It helps if you think of your brain as a computer downloading a file into another computer being the crystal. You can also say a mantra or an affirmation which would be repeating the same keywords over and over again in your mind or out loud as you hold the crystal and focus in on it. When you want to reprogram your quartz crystal to hold another intention or vibration, simply cleanse or clear the crystal and start all over again with a new intention. You can also clear your other healing crystals in the same way, and it’s a good idea to cleanse them so that they don’t accumulate too much energy.

To cleanse your crystals all you need to do is simply place them outside in the sunlight during the day, or in the moonlight during night. If you don’t want to put them outside you can also put them in a sunny spot or a windowsill in your home. Placing them on your windowsill will also offer you protection and healing benefits from the amplified crystals. Leaving your crystals out in the light of a full moon or an eclipse will also charge the crystals with vibrant energy. So keep a reminder on your calendar of when the full moons are and when you can leave your crystals out to charge up under the moonlight. Other ways to cleanse your healing crystals include bathing them in salt water, smudging them or on some rice. To do the salt water bath just mix up a big bowl or tub of water and sea salt or pink Himalayan salt and place your crystals in it. Leave them in the water for a few hours at least or overnight. Then simply drain the water out of the tub or bowl. To smudge your crystals take some sage, palo santo or incense and use the smoke to purify the crystals. Waft it around the crystals and it will clear the energy of them. Since all crystals absorb energy from around them, it’s really important to cleanse them regularly. So when you bring a new crystal into your life make sure you cleanse it right away and then cleanse it every month or more frequently depending on your preference.

You may find that as you’re looking at crystals, you’ll be drawn to specific types of crystals and then one specific crystal in particular. They choose you just as much as you choose them so pay attention to your intuition and what feels right. You can go into a crystal store filled with crystals and allow your intuition to guide you around the room to the crystals you’ll bring into your life that will help you with anything you need. You can also do the same practice online as you’ll be able to feel the vibration of the crystal even from a distance. Sometimes you’ll be gifted a crystal from someone else, or you will find one in an unlikely place. You may even find you mysteriously lose a crystal or that you feel like one of your crystals should be given to someone else. Follow your intuitions and share the healing power of crystals with those around you. Clear quartz crystals are a wonderful addition to any crystal collection whether you have an extensive crystal collection or just starting out on your crystal collection everyone needs at least one clear quartz crystal in their lives.

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