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Amazonite Mala Bead Bracelet

Amazonite Mala Bead Bracelet

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Handmade crystal bracelet with a variety of stones on an adjustable cord. Each bracelet will feature stones of this colour and nature but each one will be a bit different meaning that you get a bracelet that's as unique as you are. Your bracelet will essentially match your energy or frequency. Most of the beads on this bracelet are polished Amazonite with some different colours and shades including blue, brown, grey and white.

Amazonite is from Brazil but not from the Amazon river even though it's named after it.  This stone helps with nervousness and stress, as well as panic attacks and soothes the worried mind. It calms the heart and mind allowing you to think clearly and process your emotions in a healthy way. Connected to the Heart Chakra it balances the heart and emotions bringing unconditional self-love to you. It's also connected with Virgo, a water sign that is very in tune with emotions. Wear this bracelet to feel a sense of ease and relaxation whenever you need it. Would be a great gift or even a friendship bracelet to share with a friend.

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