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Crescent Moonstone Ring

Crescent Moonstone Ring

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Embrace the feminine energy of the Moon with this beautiful crescent moon and Moonstone ring. Rings come in sizes 6-10 so will fit any finger on any hand. This is a beautiful ring for everyday wear and also for a special occasion too. Moonstone has always been seen as a Stone of Love, so it would also be a lovely gift for your loved one. Each ring includes the Moonstone set in a silver setting with a Crescent Moon beside it. The moon symbolically represents our emotional side and our intuition. Moonstone also represents these things and helps to calm you so you can embrace yourself no matter what you're feeling.

It can also be used to help move through negative beliefs and patterns so you can enjoy life with ease. This is a lovely stone for navigating new beginnings and for connecting with your intuition helping you remain balanced during times of change. Moonstone has always been said to be light from the moon captured in a crystal form. So this would be the perfect way to give someone the moon in symbolic form. 

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