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Festival Braid Hair Extensions

Festival Braid Hair Extensions

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Have fun with Synthetic Braid Hair Extensions. Be the life of the party with these 24inch long synthetic braid hair extensions available in 65 different colors and combinations. The synthetic jumbo braids are 24 inches in length and weigh 100 grams per braid strand. The braids are made of high-temperature fiber. The Synthetic Braid Hair Extensions is fun for everyday use, dances, raves, concerts, Halloween costumes, Cosplay, parties, the beach and more.

The Synthetic Braid Hair Extensions can be worn by both men and women, kids and adults and are available in 65 different colors and color combinations. You'll find the braid hair extensions in all the colors of the rainbow, along with natural hair colors. Some of the colors available include maroon, yellow, lime, turquoise seafood green, royal blue, light blue, purple, brown, blonde, white, silver, ash, gold, pink with blue, pink with pink, unicorn with purple light pink and baby blue, and so much more. 

With so many beautiful vibrant colors to choose, you can purchase more than one to change things up when you feel like it. Wear the Synthetic Braid Hair Extensions as pigtails or two braids. 2 to 4 packs of braid extensions make for a big braid. These braid hair extensions when properly cared for can be worn again and again.

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