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Live & Lift Lava Bead Mala Bracelet

Live & Lift Lava Bead Mala Bracelet

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A black beaded natural stone unisex bracelet with dumbbell. The black bracelet is available with black lava stones or black matte stones. The black lava stone bracelet comes with three options to include a silver, gold or gun dumbbell. As well the black matte bracelet also comes with three options to include the silver, gold or gun dumbbell. The unisex bracelet has a hidden safety clasp, with the beads attached with an elastic line to make the size adjustable. The bracelet is 8 inches long with beads that are 1/3 inch in size. 

Black lava stones also known as basalt crystal stone will light a fire in your soul that can never be extinguishes. It is an earthy and intense stone that is created from volcanoes. It is considered a power stone that you can use to inspire you from the moment you bring it into your life. It is an effective mood stabilizer that softens the edges of cynicism as it cleanses your aura of any negativity. If you are feeling any negativity, sit in quiet meditation with the lava stone. This stone can be programmed with your unique message whenever you call on it. This stone has the power to store you most treasured dreams and thoughts. 

The lava stone contains the power of fire, and it works to rekindle the flames of passion in your spirit. If you find yourself being drawn to this tone, chances are the stone has chosen you. It will help elevate your vibrational fields by sparking your spiritual enlightenment. When used in your meditation practice, it will help set the stage for  healing by clearing your environment of any negativity and opening up your mind to the possibility of a spiritual awakening. 

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