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Mandala Pendant Necklace

Mandala Pendant Necklace

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Wear this lovely Mandala glass dome necklace and carry the magic of mandala art with you wherever you go. The glass pendant measures 25 mm in diameter and is set on a beautiful chain. You can choose from a Silver, Bronze or Black chain depending on your style and preferences. The chain is 60cm, and the necklace only weighs 20 grams. You can also get the matching earrings for a complete set and enjoy wearing them together. The mandala itself is blue, green and gold with beautiful patterns and shapes, forming a mandala, which is a form of art that has been used for centuries. 

A mandala is an art form that is used in meditation and even in religious artwork. Mandala means circle in Sanskrit because they are usually made up of concentric circles blossoming outward into infinity. We see mandalas a lot in nature, in the universe and even in humans and animals. Our eyes even look like mandalas and flowers are mandalas themselves. Wearing a mandala as jewelry reminds you of your connection to all things in the universe and will help you to remember that you are a part of something much larger.

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