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Undying Gemstone Plant (Peridot & Rose Quartz) Tree of Life

Undying Gemstone Plant (Peridot & Rose Quartz) Tree of Life

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A beautiful hand Wire Wrapped Copper Tree of Life rooted on a piece of natural Rose Quartz with Peridot leaves. Each of the leaves is a crystal and the branches of the tree are made from copper wire which acts as a great conductor of energy. The branches extend down to form the roots of the tree which wrap around the base which is Rose Quartz connecting the leaves to the ground. The tree measures about 12 cm from the base to the top with the base measuring about 6 cm to 8 cm. When you receive your Tree of Life, you can arrange the branches however you like since the wire is bendable. Symbolically, the Tree of Life represents how everything is connected. The leaves and branches of the tree reach out into the sky and the roots reach down into the earth connecting the universe and the earth. Or as the saying goes "As above, so below, as within so without" which means that the Universe is reflected in all living things and whatever you experience within yourself, you will see in the world outside. So this Tree of Life is a good reminder that you are connected to all things in the Universe. Get just one, or get a whole forest to share with friends and family as gifts from the heart.

Peridot: Helps you be your first source of validation instead of seeking validation externally. It's connected to the Heart Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra helping you tune into your purpose in life and your true self. 

Rose Quartz: A very nurturing and loving stone, Rose Quartz helps you to tap into self-love and self-acceptance. The soothing energies of Rose Quartz are connected with the Heart Chakra and unconditional love.

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